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We are Emotiplus.

We are sports psychologists specialized in optimal human functioning. We believe that using emotional intelligence is the key to both maximize performance and mental health and resilience. Based on the sharpest scientific insights we develop practical and qualitative methods with which everyone can learn to apply emotional intelligence.

Our Mission & Vision


The most recent scientific knowledge in the area of emotional intelligence can be translated into simple and practical methods for everyone; whether you're a top athlete, a nurse, a receptionist, a surgeon or the leader of a multinational. We do this by combining our academic background and our love for simple and practical methods with our experience in the top flight of sports.


In a demanding and hectic context such as professional sports or business, it is crucial for both performance and wellbeing that people are able to adapt. We teach people to use emotional intelligence to enlarge adaptivity and resilience, enabling them to carefully manoeuvre the challenges of today.

“Emotions will either serve or master, depending on who is in charge.”

– Jim Rohn

Our story

We believe emotions and their influence on the way we behave is the most interesting phenomenon. Inevitably bound to human nature is the experience of emotions. We can’t control their existence, but we can control how detrimental their influence will be on our behavior, and they can even be used to reach the perfect performance in sports.

As sports psychologists we think emotional intelligence is the most fascinating and powerful phenomenon to raise both performance and wellbeing. Emotional Intelligence grows the way in which professional athletes can adapt to very demanding situations and still perform optimally.

Despite the scientific support for emotional intelligence in relation to performance and wellbeing, in our view a translation of this knowledge into practical and effective methods was missing. This conclusion resulted in our founding in 2017, when we decided to develop our own methods and strategies based on the scientific insights of the sports-sector.

So, whilst our journey started in professional sports, afterwards we started to engage with the work-environment. When looking at the current challenges on the work-floor resulting from technological innovations, increasing work-stress and an increasing emphasis on interpersonal communication skills, we saw a very clear parallel with the world of sports. In both contexts, the degree to which someone can adapt effectively can have a large influence on their performance and mental health. Therefore, we’ve started to adjust and tweak our methods to help individuals and organizations stimulate and apply their Emotional Intelligence beyond the realm of sports.

One of the biggest challenges we faced was the fact that our methods were primarily aimed at ‘elite’ performers and leaders. We started to look at whether we could harnas the power of emotional intelligence in a cost-efficient and high-quality way, so that a substantially larger group of people could benefit from our methods and strategies. After careful researching, developing and testing, we have developed the Emotional Intelligence Course. This E-learning module develops the fundamental competences of emotional intelligence and has recently been validated for effectiveness by an acclaimed professor on the area of Emotional Intelligence (Keri Pekaar, TU Eindhoven).

Our goal is to have as many people as possible benefit from applied emotional intelligence, whether through our face-to-face coaching or workshops, or through our online course. What makes Emotional Intelligence such a strong strategy, is that as soon as you master it, you can continue to use it whenever and wherever you want.

Who are we?

Sebastian Buurma

Sports- & performance-psychologist, MSc

Sebastian is a guitarist, a singer and he once was a talented race-cart driver. He competed at the National Championships back in the day, but unfortunately he never brought home any trophies. He drove with more edge than Vin Diesel and would rather total his car than cross the finish-line in second place. In hindsight, this might have been the reason for his lack of trophies. Securing a podium place with a steady race might turn out to be more valuable than a smoking car on the side of track. The wisdom gained here he now shares with his students.

Thomas Siderius

Business Development & Management, MSc

Thomas has a degree in International Business and an MSc in Urban Environmental Management. As the brother of Vincent, he was involved with emotiplus early on. After finishing his studies in 2019, he joined the company to contribute to growth and development with his background in business and strategy. Personally, he is interested in the role of emotional intelligence in the transition towards a circular, more sustainable economy, from a societal, organizational and personal perspective.

Vincent Siderius

Sports- & performance-psychologist, MSc

Vincent left the pitch for the indoors 8 years ago when he started to play Futsal. As a goalkeeper, playing on a small indoor pitch gave him more influence on the game. The drive to always improve performance lead him to the Eredivisie, the highest national level in the Netherlands, where he played for ASV LEBO during the 2018/2019 season. Here he found out that this level might be slightly out of his reach, and now he plays one level lower, but an experience richer. The wisdom gained here will be passed on to his students.