Emotional Intelligence Course

  • Grow your mental well-being and relationships.
  • Raise your Emotional Intelligence in 4 to 6 weeks with our scientifically validated method.
  • Learn to practically apply your Emotional Intelligence more regularly in your daily life.
  • Become more aware of your emotions and the emotions of others.
  • Share your experiences with others in our online community.
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What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is not just about how you deal with the emotions of others. This is only one half. The other half is about your own emotions. If you have a high Emotional Intelligence, you can recognize, understand and regulate your own emotions and those of others. 


Being able to detect, describe and feel emotions. 


Knowing why you feel a certain emotion and how that helps or hinders you.


Directing emotions in order to decrease negative and increase positive outcomes for you and others.

The Advantages of Emotional Intelligence

With a higher Emotional Intelligence you...

  • … are more able to cope with change.
  • … are more in control of your own behavior.
  • … are better protected against burnout.
  • …can be more inspiring and motivating for others.
  • …can get better results with your team.
  • …raise the creativity in your team.

This is why Emotional Intelligence is the skill of the future.


We used to make everything by hand.

Then we industrialized and many forms of manual labor were replaced with machines.

Computers slowly started to take over many tasks from humans. The only thing a computer cannot do by itself, is making complex decisions.

Artificial Intelligence can do this. From self-driving cars to medical applications, AI is rendering another large range of skills obsolete. We are currently entering this transition.

Throughout history we've been replacing human skills with technology. A machine replaces manual labor, a computer replaces thinking power and AI replaces decision-making power. The bottleneck of technological development is our own understanding of human functioning. Since, neurologically speaking, we don't understand Emotional Intelligence very well yet, it is far too early to outsource this skill to a robot. That is why currently we need to put our time and energy into developing the human skill of Emotional Intelligence, because we do understand this.

What does the course look like?

4 - 6 weeks

The Course

In 25 lessons of about 15 minutes, spread over 4 to 6 weeks, you will come to master the necessary basics of Emotional Intelligence. Already from day one, you can bring your progress into practice.

Emotional Intelligence comprises four major components. Every week we cover one of them.

Minutes per day

Chapter 1

  • Self Awareness


  • How and where do I feel emotions? What emotions do I experience?
  • How do I react to conflicts?
  • How can I practice gratitude?

Chapter 2

  • Self Control


  • Which emotions help you to perform better?
  • How can you diffuse certain emotions?
  • How can you stimulate emotions to raise your performance?

Chapter 3

  • Other Awareness


  • How do I recognize emotions in others?
  • How do I know what others feel? And what their intentions are?
  • What do I have to pay attention to in others?

Chapter 4

  • Other Control


  • How do I improve communication?
  • How can I help others?
  • How can I prevent escalations?
Easy & Fast

Every lesson is available in your own online learning environment.

The lesson and exercise of the day will be in your own online learning environment. You can acces this with your desktop or via our app. The only thing you need to do is make an effort for your own personal growth. For many of the exercises you will keep a journal, for others you will have to go out there and do something. The lessons will be in English, in order for it to be accessible for most nationalities. The journal and execution of the exercises may of course be in your own native language.

Scientifically tested by:

The Rotterdam Emotional Intelligence Scale (REIS)

The REIS is the first questionnaire in the world that actually measures all four components of Emotional Intelligence. Keri Pekaar is the scientist who developed and validated this construct and questionnaire. Therefore, we are proud to say that in collaboration with dr. Pekaar and the Technical University of Eindhoven, this course has been scientifically tested with positive results.

The first results indicated that the people who followed the course significantly improved compared to those who did not. Naturally, we will continue to conduct more research in order to keep developing and upgrading the course scientifically.

Who are we?

As sports- and performance psychologists we discovered there is a lot of potential in the way in which athletes use their emotions. Now, we have made this available and accessible for anyone who wants to get the most out of themselves.

Sebastian Buurma

Sports- & Performance Psychologist, MSc.

Vincent Siderius

Sports- & Performance Psychologist, MSc.

What others say:

This course made me more understanding of others and especially myself. The course is set up super professionally. This is the best investment ever for everybody that wants to grow their emotional intelligence.

Wing CheungDigital Strategist

I loved it! I loved the practicality of the exercises, the writing style which I’ve found very personal and the easiness with which I could already feel changes in my behavior!


This course made me feel more conscious about my emotions. Accordingly I am able to control my own emotions and others' emotions better.

Emma van DijkSocial Media Specialist

Emotional Intelligence Course