Develop Emotional Intelligence

as a Strategy

Optimize your emotional intelligence to unlock your potential and increase mental health & resilience anywhere and anytime you want.

Acquire the fundamentals:

Emotional Intelligence Course

Emotional Intelligence is…

1. Recognizing emotions

Being able to detect, describe and feel emotions.

2. Understanding emotions

Knowing why you feel a certain emotion and how that helps or hinders you.

3. Regulating emotions

Directing emotions in order to help them serve your goals.

Emotional Intelligence leads to…

More Engagement

More efficiency, energy and pleasure at your work or sport

Better Performance

Leveraging specific emotions to stimulate crucial skills.

Better Health

Being more able to deal with stress and more able to enjoy positivity

More control over yourself

Do not let your emotions hijack your behavior when you don't want them to.

We teach people strategies to become more emotionally intelligent.

Look below to find out what applies to you and how we can help you.

For Organizations

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Emotional Intelligence Course: for mental well-being and personal relationships

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For Athletes

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About our approach

We are Emotiplus

We are sports-psychologists specialized in optimal human functioning. We believe that using emotional intelligence is the key to maximize performance and mental health and stability. Based on the sharpest scientific insights we develop practical and qualitative methods with which anyone can learn to train and use emotional intelligence in their lives.

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Read on our blog about how we use emotional intelligence for better performance in sports. We alternate between articles about sports and in the work-environment. The beauty of it is, the psychology behind both subjects are not that different. ↓

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